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frank mundo

re: Your brother
Frank Mundo

Were it up to me
my last image of you
wouldn't be
so far so close
to the maddening tree
pale-putrid, blind-beaten
rank and swollen
a pinata with all your candy stolen

Would I could
instead abstain
break fast and slow down
the Milk Queen's reign
I'd unattach, no
delete the strain
And disremember to remember you
smash-smushed, burned-bruised
rogue-river valley-coot
a strangely strange yet familiar fruit.

About the author:
Frank Mundo is a full-time writer in Los Angeles. He has a BA in English from UCLA, where he also completed the Creative Writing Program. His stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in dozens of journals, magazines and anthologies in print and online. For over a decade, Mr. Mundo has also been reviewing books for the San Diego Union-Tribune, the New York Journal of Books, Westside Today, The Swamp, The Journal of Cultural Conversation and many more. Frank Mundo is the author of the award-winning novel in verse, The Brubury Tales (foreword by bestselling author and critic Carolyn See), a modern version of The Canterbury Tales, set in Los Angeles; and Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories, an interconnected collection of his very best short stories published over the last 15 years.

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